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Before landscaping and furnishing your apartment, you need to have a common plan, to imagine the future general character of the interior, to relate it to the needs of each member of the family. Without this, you can create only a typical, faceless, patterned model of the apartment interior - apartments in general. Only the organic interaction of all elements that make up the interior of the dwelling, taking into account the needs of all living in it, will ensure the comfort of the apartment and the high aesthetic quality of its interior, will serve as the basis for creating an individual artistic appearance of the apartment.
Increasing the comfort of apartments, improving the interior, creating a favorable living environment is the most important direction for the further development of a mass dwelling. At the same time, the complex improvement of the interior of an apartment is an effective tool for the development of progressive forms of everyday life, the education of reasonable needs, norms of behavior, the formation of the spiritual world of man, his mood.
With the common goal of the all-round development of the individual, the formation of reasonable needs is associated with an increase in the artistic qualities of the interior of the mass dwelling, the development of the aesthetic tastes of the population, and the enhancement of the culture of everyday life. The culture of the residential interior is not isolated, it is an integral part of the culture of society. The culture of everyday life reflects modern social views, aesthetic views and tastes, a general artistic orientation, is inseparably linked with the desire to rationally organize domestic work, to freeing a person from the unproductive expenditure of time and labor for housekeeping. Therefore, this book focuses on the household equipment and technical equipment of the apartment, the rational organization of domestic work, the use of modern household appliances, machines and appliances. Aesthetic installations in the organization of a residential interior can be divided into permanent, stable, general, inherent in the aesthetic consciousness of man as a whole, expressed in the continuity of the universal and national culture, family traditions, in striving for the integrity and unity of the living environment; and the aesthetic settings are temporary, private, connected with a certain stage in the development of artistic culture, with the changing, relative ideals of beauty, the impermanent requirements of fashion.
It is impossible not to reckon with the requirements of fashion, but to use its recommendations when creating an interior of your home should be discreet. You must necessarily correlate them with your lifestyle, with established family traditions and views. In addition, one must take into account the temporary, transient nature of fashion, remember that changes in production, culture and way of life lead to the emergence of new needs, the emergence of new things, a change in aesthetic views, and with them the character of the interior of the home.
Thus, the improvement of an apartment, the creation of an apartment interior is not a one-off, but a long creative process associated with changes in the family's requirements for housing, which change along with changes in the family, its life, in technological progress and fashion. That is why it is important to get acquainted not only with specific examples of solving certain tasks, but, in addition, with general principles and means of forming a modern residential interior.


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The number of planning types of apartments under construction is small, and they do not change for a long time. Since it is not known in advance which families in them will settle in this or that case, when designing them, it is impossible to take into account the specific needs of each particular family.

Date: Friday, 16 April 2010

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The layout of the apartment, its construction equipment and finishing - an essential part of the interior, its pre-set conditions for solving furniture, equipment and amenities.

Date: Monday, 17 May 2010

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In accordance with the growth of the material and economic capabilities of society, the qualitative level of the mass dwelling also increases.

Date: Thursday, 15 April 2010

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A rational planning organization, household equipment and technical equipment of the premises of an apartment is an important part of the improvement of a modern home, without which it is impossible to provide the necessary level of comfort, rationalization of domestic work, and maintenance of optimal hygienic conditions.

Date: Tuesday, 18 May 2010

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In our country, a long-term program of mass housing construction is implemented, the purpose of which is to provide each family with a separate apartment or individual house.

Date: Wednesday, 14 April 2010


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